Investment in technology allows us to constantly produce quality welds by certified welders.

The Kemppi X5 FastMig gives us faster welding and better quality overcoming the challenges of steel welding and save time and money in after-treatment.

Stable arc control and precise ignition produce quality welds with less spatter, faster than before.

Integrated Industry 4.0 solution WeldEye ArcVision gives better insight into your welding production

WeldEye Arcvision's dWPS feature ensures that welding procedure specifications (WPS)are always accurately followed

Weld Assist guides the welder to set the right parameters for each appilication and allows tostart welding faster than ever


Investment in people and training has enabled us to tackle the difficult jobs.

Utilizing our high tech pulse MIG and TIG machines to the highest standard.

With our own qualified AS/NZS 2214 Welding Supervisor and ISO 9606 certified welding operators we can take on any challenge.

With the ability to create a welding procedure specific to your job, we can perform and certify welding projects to the AS/NZS standards below

  • Structural Aluminium Mig Welding
    Aluminium Pulse Mig Welding to AS/NZS 1665 – “Welding of aluminium structures”
  • Structural Steel Welding
    Mig Welding to AS/NZS 1554.1 - “Welding of steel structures”