Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting

Our abrasive jet waterjet cutting system cuts complex parts out of most materials including metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, stone and composites directly from a CAD or DXF file. Extremely hard, reflective and non conductive parts can also be cut with an accuracy of +/- 0.5mm.

Our Maxiem waterjet's A-Jet cutting head is a complete software-controlled, multi-axis cutting system permitting the flexibility to cut angles from 0° to a maximum of 60° off the vertical. The A-Jet cuts accurate bevelled edges at various angles with 5-axis waterjet cutting. It can also countersink holes, jigsaw puzzle-type pieces with bevelled edges and shape metal edges for weld preparation.
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  • Cuts up to 100mm thick

  • Virtually any material

    50,000 PSI waterjet

  • 5 axis with 60° tilt

Photo of a Maxiem waterjet cutter

BENEFITS OF waterjet
& 5 axis cutting

  • Very precise cutting of a huge range of materials including:

    * Mild steel
    * Aluminium
    * Stainless steel
    Copper, silver and gold
    * Acrylic, PVC and other plastics
    * Foam
    * Wood and plywood
    * Tiles and ceramics
    * Lino
    * Granite, marble and other stone
  • Compensate for cut taper, and bevel and countersink all in one.
  • Eliminate 2nd stage machining before assembly, welding or coating.

  • Save time and money for getting products to market.

Available cut qualities

  • Q1 — Separation cut

  • Q2 — Through cut

  • Q3 — Clean cut

  • Q4 — Good finish

  • Q5 — Excellent finish

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