Mandrel tube bending

CNC mandrel tube bending

Mandrel bending of tube on precision tooling eliminates humps, wrinkles and wall collapse providing better internal gas/liquid flow volume. Autobend have the largest range of bend tool sets in NZ to suit EWS tube, pipe and RHS — from tight (1×d) to large centre line radii. Our experienced staff operate 7 rotary draw benders from 6mm to 101mm OD. We can scan samples or enter X,Y,Z co-ordinates plus bend clockwise, anti-clockwise, dual stack or “bend + roll.”

We can also reverse engineer your existing bends.
Two dedicated tube co-ordinate measuring tables calculate X,Y,Z data from your sample or CAD file. They then convert to Y,B,C and compensate for springback and elongation. Reverse engineering provides accurate QA reports with window tolerance.
Photo of different tube bends
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Why weld it if we can bend it

Hand rails

Photo of a hand on a bent tube hand rail.

Stainless, steel or alloy — CNC bending of hand rail sections reduces welds, saving you both time and money.


Photo of a bent tube cherry picker cage

EWS tubular frames are very strong, lightweight and robust. They are your best choice for protection from harm.


Photo of a fast car

Your car is full of complex tubular components that we can produce: Roll cages, turbo pipes, exhausts, seat frames, headers and more.

Dairy & food

Photo of a dairy shed

We provide precision bending and rolling of ASTM hygiene grade stainless tubes as specified. Call now to discuss how we can help your current project.


Photo of hydraulic pipes

Our CSM18 bender is designed to bend hydraulic lines from EWS and seamless tubes. We have a range of metric and imperial tooling to suit common fittings.


Photo of a fast boat

Our environment dictates the use of T316 stainless in marine settings. At sea or on the foreshore mandrel-bent tube is strong, durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing.


Photo of a bike stand using bent metal tube

Our high quality bending on tight radii dies will enhance your outdoor project with a clean modern look. Tubular street furniture is funky, safe, solid and durable.


Photo of tube bends next to a tube bender

Precision bending to aviation standards backed by our measuring tables. Bent tube is an ideal solution  for seat frames, fluid lines, baggage handling and lifting frames.

u Bends

Photo of U-bends

Ideal for prototypes or projects with minimal specifications that demand on site welding. We stock 180°, 90° & 45° mandrel bends in mild steel, stainless and aluminum.

CNC Mandrel bend and roll

We can roll 25mm to 76mm round tube, square and flat for continuous curves and large radius bends. Our CSM80 and CSM100 machines can bend and roll the same tube with a mandrel inside.
For information on other roll forming, see our roll forming page

Photo of a coiled tube
Photo of bent and rolled tube
Photo of roll formed tube spirals


To bend tube on a tight radius (CLR) you need a complex tooling with a mandrel inside the tube, a wiper die to match the bend die and pressure dies to guide tube into the bend die. We have New Zealand's largest range of bend tool sets to help you get your job done.

Diagram of mandrel bend tooling
Diagram of a bend die

Bend die

The bend die and clamp sections are machined to suit tube OD and required centre line radius (CLR).

Diagram of a wiper die

Wiper die

A wiper die removes humps on the inside radius. Its "feathered edge" suits tube OD and CLR.

Diagram of a mandrel


Mandrel design is based on the tube OD, material, wall thickness, bend die CLR and degree of bend.

Model and quality check with reverse engineering

Our expert staff operate two dedicated tube measuring centres that can scan degree of bend, rotation and distance between bends to four decimal points. Our GTube software compensates for springback, elongation, stretch and pre-cut requirements.

The resulting instructions for our CNC benders provides fast, accurate and cost-effective production of mild steel, stainless and aluminium tube bends.

We can also programme variable radii when rolling tubes as well as produce straight and concentric coils and provide accurate QA reports with window tolerance.

Photo of tube being scanned

Bend die CLR guides

This is a guide only of our standard tool sets.

Call our sales team today to discuss the most cost effective tube and tooling options available.

Tube OD 1 × d CLR 1.5 × d CLR 2 × d CLR 2.5 × d CLR 3+ × d CLR Bend & roll
3.18         12.2  
6.35         19.0  
9.5     19.0      
10.0     20.0      
12.7     25.4   40.0  
15.9     31.8      
19.1     38.1   66.0 | 81.0 | 116.0  
20.0       50.0    
22.2         88.0  
25.4   38.1 50.8 63.5 76.2
26.9 (20nb)         80.7  
31.8   47.8 63.5   95.2
33.7 (25nb)     65.45      
34.9   53.0 69.8   101.6
38.1   57.2 76.2 95.2 120.0
41.3   62.0   105.0    
42.4 (32nb)     85.0      
44.5 44.5 66.8 88.9 111.3 145.0
47.6   71.4 101.6      
48.3 (40nb)         150.0  
50.8 50.8 76.2 97.5 | 101.6 127.5 203.0
57.2   85.5        
60.3 (50nb)       150.75    
63.5 63.5 95.2 127.0    
76.2 76.2 114.2 152.4    
88.9 88.9   177.8      
101.6 101.6   203.2    
25.0 × 25.0         90.0 | 100.0
25.4 × 25.4       75.0 100.0
31.8 × 31.8       100.0  
40.0 × 40.0       100.0 120.0
50.8 × 50.8       125.0  
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