Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is extremely accurate (+/- 0.2mm) for cutting mild steel, stainless, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.

With the option of our Bystronic BySprint 6Kw fiber or our Trumpf L3030 4Kw CO2 lasers we have all the bases covered allowing us to produce a cost effective, high quality finish.

Efficient "nesting" combined with "Detection Eye" technology plus our 3000mm × 1500mm Bytrans Extended automated sheet loading system minimizes down time for one-offs or runs of 1000 pieces.

We accept 2D or 3D CAD files for “flat bed” cutting of sheet or “rotolas” cutting of round, square or rectangular material.
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  • Mild Steel up to 25 mm

  • Stainless up to 30 mm

    Aluminium up to 30 mm

    Copper up to 12 mm

  • Brass up to 15 mm

Our Bysoft 7 software will take your 3D model, flatten it out, process it for laser cutting and folding to your specifications -
all at the click of the mouse...
Photo of a BySprint Fiber laser cutter