CNC folding

Precision folding from 3D drawings

2024 has seen the purchase of 2 more Bystronic press-brakes further extending our capabilities. We now have 4 machines from 160 tonne 1500mm wide right down to our 40 tonne 1000mm wide for all those fiddly jobs, we have all the bases covered.

Our Bystronic CNC press brakes use the same software suite as our BySprint and BySmart laser cutters to ensure all parts produced are cut then folded to your exact specifications. Hydraulic clamping for both upper and lower tooling reduces set up time while the CNC software eliminates operator error and the need for extra set-up material.

Our machines allow us to be versatile, allowing cost-effective production of bent parts. It is highly accurate, incorporating the ByVision Bending control system, and has sensor technology directly inbuilt to ensure an even distribution of force for precise folding. Quick set-up times, ease of use, flexibility and high accuracy across the bend length ensure that your job is completed quickly and to a high standard.

Picture of 3 press-brakes
  • Mild steel

  • Stainless



  • Brass


  • We download a 3D file, simulate the folding sequence, establish the bend radii, create a fold sequence, convert to a 2D pattern, nest and laser cut to suit.

  • Bysoft 7 provides a consistent quality of bend using the parameters and bend sequence for all parts then instructs the operator at every step.

  • Our Bysoft 7 software automatically checks for tonnage required, collisions and bend radii when the dimensions of our vee blocks, top tools, bend bars and hemming tooling are loaded in.

  • Numerous fold options for corners and more allow our programmers to reduce welding and assembly times post-folding.

  • Better utilisation of material: out with cutting, welding and grinding RHS; in with cutting, folding and welding from sheet — no part lengths of RHS on the rack two years later.

  • You pay only for the amount of steel required as we nest with other customer jobs.

  • Make stronger parts that weigh less. CNC interlocking design, fold, cut and weld allows your finished product to look smart, plus be lighter and stronger.

  • Save money — no need to cut those extra profiles used in a manual set-up.

  • We simulate the folding and establish the bend radii before we cut the flat profile.