Design and Fabrication

We started making tubular products in 1977, soon after adding a CNC mandrel tube bender, welding bays, and a paint booth, Later came upgrades to the mandrel benders, a Trumpf 4kW laser, roll formers and a waterjet.
A Bystronic 6kW fibre laser, two press brakes, along with a host of tools, light engineering machinery and skilled staff complete the picture.

Contact us now to discuss a cost-effective solution for your next sub-assembly production or light engineering project.

From design to finished product — we've got something for everyone.


Good product design based on our capabilities and tooling will reduce prototype and production costs.

Our skilled engineers and programmers can design for 2D and 3D and help you conceptualise and develop any number of projects.

Photo of a flange CAD drawing


Our expert staff operate two dedicated tube measuring centres that can scan degree of bend, rotation and distance between bends to four decimal points. Our GTube software compensates for springback, elongation, stretch and pre-cut requirements.

Our Bysoft 7 programming and production software is state of the art and fully compatible with 3D software like Soildworks and Inventor.

Good product design based on our capabilities and tooling will reduce prototype and production costs. We have 2D and 3D design capabilities.
Photo of a vehicle roll cage CAD drawing
Photo of a bent tube model
Our Bysoft 7 software will take your 3D model, flatten it out, process it for laser cutting and folding to your specifications -
all at the click of the mouse...


Our ROMER arm can measure the X, Y, Z coordinates of your sample or prototype, enabling the finished parts to be checked accurately against specifications.

Scanning with our ROMER also enables a completely intergrated data-to-bend process for your next project.

Photo of tube being scanned
Diagram of ROMER tube scanning capabilities
Photo of a man grinding a tube edge


After cutting, bending and folding components we can assemble, weld, paint and QA your sub-assemblies or finished product.

Cold cutting

Let us quote to cut tube, pipe, RHS or angle on our Soco CNC cutting centre, one of our ten cold saws or our Scotchman punch and shear.

Photo of saw blades
Photo of exhaust tips

End forming

After 30 years of end forming complex shapes for exhausts, we have a massive range of dies to suit several machines. Using our FL170 Tube Laser, we can cut tube ends for a wide variety of industries too.